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Recent Samples

Site Date County Options
House Creek 07/28/2021 3:30 PM Horry
Wards Creek 07/26/2021 4:38 PM Spartanburg
Frohawk Creek 07/26/2021 4:01 PM Greenville
Victor Creek 07/26/2021 2:14 PM Spartanburg
Suber Branch 07/26/2021 1:36 PM Greenville
red map marker with black dot: Never sampled
red map point with black dot: Sampled over a year ago
yellow map point with black dot: Sampled within last year
blue map point with black dot: Sampled within last 6 months

SC Adopt-a-Stream data are collected by trained citizen water quality monitoring volunteers. It is baseline, screening data for educational purposes, and is not used in any regulatory procedures.

For more information on the SC Adopt-a-Stream program, please visit the homepage at